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WDAF  - About Us

​The World Digital Art Fair (WDAF) aims to contribute towards the development of digital art industry by forming a desirable digital art market, fairly evaluating digital (art) works and introducing them to a large number of spectators and collectors through a digital showcase event.

The WDAF is co-hosted by ArtRino with BitMart as a partner. We have several prize categories and a prize pool of over $200,000 distributed amongst winners and voters. The evaluation will be conducted out by the voters and a panel of judges.







Augustin Jiang

10+ years experiences in art exchange.

5+ years experiences in blockchain industry.

Founder - ArtRino corp.


Jackson Hoo

10+ years experiences in product design.

5+ years experiences in blockchain industry.

Co-founder - ArtRino corp.

MS, Software Engineering, Singapore Management University.

Henrica Lee

+23 Beauty artist

+20 experiences in online marketing & sales

Graduated from Kyungpook National University

Ugo Bonucci


10+ years experiences in exhibition of artworks

Graduated from Università degli Studi di Padova

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